Seyda is a small town situated in East Germany between Berlin and Leipzig, Prussia and Saxony, surrounded by fields, forests and little lakes. The forest has the name "Lucky Fortress Woods".


Our countryside is charasteristic of a German agrarian area: the biggest business is operated by farmers from  "Seyda Land",  

an agrarian cooperative, consisting of more than 8.000 ha (ca. 20,000 acres) and boasts of  the greatest milk production in Europe . Also in Seyda we have a lot of little traditional crafts, owned by local families. Our community has 1,000 inhabitans.



A special treasure of Seyda is its long and rich history. One of the first Saxon fortresses beyond the River Elbe was founded here 1,000 years ago. The old Amtshaus ("City Hall") was built in 1605. We are looking for a buyer, who will complete the interior renovation of the building. The Amtshaus brings to mind the government of the Saxon Princes between 1501 and 1815. D. Martin Luther was visiting our town, his first Protestant Church visitation took place in Seyda in 1528, and after this experience he wrote to renew the parish the famous Small Catechism for "Home, School and Church" and the Large Catechism for Pastors.

 August the Strong, Prince of Saxony and Poland , had a big center for the breeding of horses in Seyda. He and his entourage often spent their time hunting in the large forest, where many different animals made their habitat and are still there in abundance today. 

Napoleon was also here and lost a battle. A nearby monument there reminds us of the "Battle of Gadegast" which took place on September 5,1813. 

Gustav von Diest whose wife was Bodelschwingh's sister, founded a "Working Colony" near Seyda in 1883.  This is a Home of Christian Love, at that time for people without work and food. Today it is called the  


a christian home for 96 developmentally impaired people, who nevertheless participate actively in the cultural life of Seyda. You can find out more about the history of the town by visiting the city's Protestant church or the local cultural museum of Seyda. Or for quickreference, click on the link of this website entitiled "history."

In Seyda the are a lot of festivals each year, arranged mostly by various local clubs. The Circus Family Hein is located in Seyda, together with a lot of other artists (there are quite a few big white snakes and even bigger elephants). Guests are always welcome at the many bed and breakfast in private homes or in small hotels or at our yummy restaurants.


The church is situated right at the center of the town. The membership of the Lutheran Parish now includes 60% of the inhabitants of the city. The little YMCA composed this homepage and is always happy to get feed back or a friendly correction of Louis's  translation.

God bless all visitors of this website!

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